Some ideas

Below a selection of projects that has worked on and stand out. In all cases, worked together with various partners to come to a shared goal. Spark makes in-house productions, directs and delegates, or just joins to share ideas in a more conceptual phase.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re trying to execute on a good idea but need help with your digital content, presence or story.


The Digital Underwater Forest

Through landscape design firm Living Landscapes and with the help of the creative developers from Pursuit, Spark helped envisage the Digital Underwater Forest. Water quality has been an issue for almost as long as the Dutch have dug out a swamp to build their country, and the dams in the rivers more upstream took away the natural dynamics of the open ecosystem that was the Dutch river delta. Through a…
March 27, 2021

Scientific conference on psychedelics

There are many issues in our society that are hard to talk about. Sometimes because they’re too personal, sometimes because they’ve been politized, and in rare cases because they’ve been criminalized.
July 9, 2020

Film for the future

Fastned was an early player in the EV-scene in Europe. helped them with a video that matched their ambition.
November 4, 2016