24% of all of the energy consumption of the Netherlands is taken up by natural gas, heating the ‘gezellige’ homes of the Dutch. Transitioning to a 0% carbon economy is an undertaking on par with the creation of the country’s famous water defenses and national biking network. In total, 1.5 million houses need to get off of gas.

Spark has worked with Helena Sustainable Innovations, Collective Minds and a consortium of 7 other companies on a project to tackle this gigantic problem. The core of this problem is about the retention of energy in the sandy delta that is the Netherlands. Its deep soil retains the heat of summer well during the cooler winter months.

Heat pumps installed in houses will get this lukewarm water from the ground and will add the last bit of energy needed to comfortably heat a house.

Pumping water to derive energy from the ground is an elegant and efficient solution to get houses off of gas in the sandy, wet Dutch river delta.

The challenge is to do this in an affordable manner – which can only be accomplished by scaling.

Through allelectricwonen.com – Spark is working to bring sustainable heating to Dutch homes. By removing friction and providing easy information for a sound financial decision.

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