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  • About is the agency of Thys Roes, a writer and digital editor in Amsterdam. His work centers around technology, history, and the natural world. works together with a network of creators and experts to help on projects we think are important, like sustainable energy, biodiversity and human dignity.


    The future can be bright

    People often think that today is worse than yesterday. That war, hunger and poverty are plagues that will forever haunt humanity.

    The opposite turns out to be true. We are rapidly feeding the world, increasing living standards, reducing fertility rates, and ending wars. Humans are living more peaceful and prosperous than ever before.

    There is no guarantee however, that we will keep this up. We will have to work together and actively agree to choose the right solutions that benefit the most.

    By telling stories about the future that don’t only inspire and warm hearts - but are also truthful - we can build possible scenarios for the future that we wants to live in.


    Sustainable is smart

    Burning dinosaur oil to power our civilization was cool for a century, until we realized it's actually a really dumb idea. It will run out, smells stinky, and oh yes: it's destabilizing our atmosphere.

    Using the free energy that rains down on us daily from our own fusion reactor in the sky is really smart. Electric machines are usually a lot less noisy, shaky, and dirty than anything that uses a flame. And there is much less loss of energy, so it’s much more efficient. That's why electrification is a continuing trend in the world.

    There are only a surprising few people actually coming up with the engineering solutions needed to wane us off of fossil fuels. And the women and man who do, are some of the unsung heroes of the sustainable revolution. We should embrace and celebrate them more. has worked with engineers and scientists to tell their stories to a wider audience. Like that of All Electric Living: a scalable solution thought up by a smart engineer that takes a Dutch houses off of gas using existing technology.


    Care and be responsible

    There is so much beauty in this world to cherish, that it is sickening us every day how much damage humans have wrecked on the endless, most beautiful forms on this planet and on each other. Usually not by malevolence, but by ignorance.

    Our inflated daily needs have blinded us to the needs of others, which includes everything that is not a human. We have to care for each other, and not try to grow at the expense of others. We should find a more harmonious co-existence with nature, and not offer it on the altar of human enjoyment or convenience.

    Irresponsibility, bias and blind spots are ubiquitous in the world - we all have it from time to time. Intelligence is knowing how to deal with it and prepare for it. works only on projects that are responsible and care about the perspectives of those that are affected by our projects.


    March 27, 2021

    The Digital Underwater Forest

    Through landscape design firm Living Landscapes and with the help of the creative developers from Pursuit, Spark helped envisage the Digital Underwater Forest. Water quality has been an issue for almost as long as the Dutch have dug out a swamp to build their country, and the dams in the rivers more upstream took away the natural dynamics of the open ecosystem that was the Dutch river delta. Through a…
    July 9, 2020

    How to break the Dutch addiction to natural gas?

    An ongoing project to help find solutions for one of the Netherlands' biggest energy challenge.
    July 9, 2020

    Scientific conference on psychedelics

    There are many issues in our society that are hard to talk about. Sometimes because they’re too personal, sometimes because they’ve been politized, and in rare cases because they’ve been criminalized.
    July 9, 2020

    Giving a face to anonymous sources

    In an interactive documentary, anonymous sources haunted by the War on Drugs had to feel relatable.
    November 4, 2016

    Film for the future

    Fastned was an early player in the EV-scene in Europe. helped them with a video that matched their ambition.

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