Digital storytelling

We understand the internet and the ways in which it allows to communicate ideas. We communicate complicated technical issues, future scenarios, gripping portraits in a way that resonates on the internet.

Multi-media content has experience in creating truthful content through animation, video, infographics, copy and other forms of digital media.

Truthful and future-oriented takes on issues that have a real-world footing and that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Digital Storytelling

*Have to think of 15-20 second teaser trailer here*

Turn into grid

  • Podcasts (Space Cowboys logo)
  • Documentaries (VICE – Monkey Lab thumbnail )

  • Websites (ICPR logo)

  • Museums (Cannabis Museum first floor picture)

  • Animation (All Electric Wonen thumbnail)

  • Virtual Reality (VR Base ABN Amro screenshot)

  • Video (Fastned Tesla charging photo)






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Storytelling for a New Age