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  • Making sure your website works to reach your goals
  • How the internet can help you with your income
  • How you can tell your story in a more engaging way
  • A project in need of insight from First Principles

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What do you need help with? is led by Thys Roes, a journalist, documentary filmmaker and digital content creator who has worked as a digital troubleshooter and kid of the internet back when they called it multimedia, still a pretty apt term for his qualities.

Please inquire at if you need help. Maybe we can work together on:

  • Your website’s conversion πŸ’Έ
  • Analyzing your social media to get more followers πŸ‘€
  • Going through your digital portfolio to identify monetization options βš’οΈ
  • Troubleshooting a difficult technical issue concerning your website, social media or digital portfolio 🧠
  • Content ideas for your business πŸ’‘
  • Content curation for a digital platform or an offline exhibition βœ‚οΈ
  • Getting your user experience or customer journey right 🎠
  • Using storytelling to build an audience πŸͺΆ
  • Asking questions from First Principles 🌌

We have experience with

  • Running profitable digital media campaigns based on quality content
  • Curation and storytelling
  • Digital media and film
  • Breaking news production
  • Hybrid conventions
  • VR experiences
  • Gamified storytelling on the web
  • See more

And partner with is well connected to digital experience providers. Partners for scaling include Collective Minds, Makerstreet, XRBase and a network of consultants on essential digital work.

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